The best place for Kukkiwon Taekwondo in the UK

The UKTDC is a fast growing Kukkiwon Taekwondo group in the United Kingdom. We host regular competitions, have regular squad training, referee courses and coaching courses, plus poomsae and sparring courses for judges and referees.

The UKTDC is an independent UK National Kukkiwon registered Organisation.

Our chairman/vice-chairman and referee director are also fully qualified international referee/judges. Through consultation with our members we have identified 4 inter-related strategic priorities to support our vision;

Increase participation in Taekwondo

To develop a co-ordinated approach to community provision and widen access to the appropriate opportunities in Clubs, Education and Community settings

Strengthen pathways for people to progress and improve

Provide quality coaching programmes and personnel to support and nurture talent to succeed as the best in the world

Improve the quality of teaching and learning

Create and support a network of highly skilled coaches, officials, volunteers, administrators and teachers committed to sharing good practice, resources and expertise to enable all athletes to fulfil their needs and realise their potential, working in line with the Kukkiwon accepted regulations.

Build an integrated and well managed network of clubs across the organisation

The creation of a diverse, sustainable, well managed and integrated network of clubs working together to enable all people to fulfil their needs and realise their potential.


  • To continuously improve the standard of *Kukkiwon style Taekwondo in the United Kingdom

  • To put the martial art and sport of Taekwondo first and foremost

  • To remain open and transparent at all times

  • To embrace and develop new friendships

  • To have the next British champions

  • To gain funding from grass roots to the elite


  • To continue to provide the highest standards of teaching through the continuous development of our coaching programmes and syllabus whilst adhering to the standards set by the Kukkiwon

  • To promote the development of Kukkiwon, the sport and the martial art aspects of Taekwondo

  • To ensure full participation in Kukkiwon Taekwondo for all people, irrespective of race, sex, religion, or disability

  • To promote the 5 tenets, inherent in Kukkiwon Taekwondo

  • To provide a pathway so all competitors from grass roots to world class level in both poomsae and sparring benefit

  • To develop, nurture and fully support all UKTDC students at every level

  • To help qualify our Dan grade members with Kukkiwon certification

We encourage participation from instructors, students, parents and volunteers wherever possible.

The UK Taekwondo Development Council is all about knowledge, experience and guidance, but most importantly about our members.

The UK Taekwondo Development Council are proud to support Sainsbury's Active Kids and have to date conducted a large number of sessions in schools throughout the UK.